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Welcome to Balloon the Rockies, your go-to hot air balloon lessons training facility. If you have ever dreamt of floating through the skies in a colorful balloon, our hot air balloon lessons are your ticket to making that dream a reality. Whether you are seeking a thrilling adventure or aspiring to become a certified hot air balloon pilot, we offer comprehensive lessons that will take you on an unforgettable journey through the air.

What You will Learn in Our Hot Air Balloon Lessons

Our hot air balloon lessons provide a structured curriculum designed to teach you everything you need to know about the art of hot air ballooning. You will gain hands-on experience and knowledge in the following areas:

➢    The Basics of Hot Air Ballooning

Embark upon a fascinating journey into the history and mechanics of hot air ballooning. Learn about the components that make up a hot air balloon, the principles of buoyancy, the operation of the heating system, and the essential equipment required for a safe and enjoyable flight.

➢    Inflation and Preparation

Discover the magic of inflating a massive hot air balloon. From laying out the envelope to safely using the burners for inflation, you will be guided through every step of the process by our experienced instructors. Feel the excitement build as the balloon takes shape before your eyes.

➢    Balloon Control and Maneuvering

Master the art of controlling a hot air balloon with precision. Understand the role of the burner and how to use it to adjust altitude. Learn to navigate using wind currents and make decisions on the direction you’d like to go, giving you the ability to explore the skies in a controlled and graceful manner.

➢    Safe Landing Techniques

As you glide through the air, you will also learn how to plan and execute a safe landing. Our lessons cover approach and landing procedures, communication with ground support, and tips for ensuring a smooth touchdown.

Who Can Benefit From Our Hot Air Balloon Lessons?

Our hot air balloon lessons cater to a diverse range of individuals who share a common passion for exploration and adventure. Whether you are a current or aspiring pilot, an adventure seeker, or someone who simply wants to experience the thrill of ballooning, our lessons are tailored for you. Our students typically include:

Budding Pilots

If you have always dreamt of becoming a certified hot air balloon pilot, our comprehensive training program will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to achieve that goal.


For those who seek thrilling experiences and want to tick off an item from their bucket list, our hot air balloon lessons offer an unforgettable adventure that allows you to soar high above the landscape.


If you are fascinated by aviation and want to delve into the world of hot air ballooning, our lessons provide a fascinating insight into this unique form of flight.

Fixed Wing Pilots

Those from other aviation disciplines can widen their aviation experience with an Add-On Balloon Rating. The comparable knowledge test is waived and rated pilots can achieve their add-on balloon rating in week and enjoy the oldest form of aviation on earth.

How to Get Started With Hot Air Balloon Lessons?

Embarking on your hot air balloon journey with Balloon the Rockies is easy. Contact Balloon the Rockies by email and get all the details and timing concerning the balloon courses offered. Call or write with questions and or requested time frames for training. We will pencil it in and await confirmation as the training period gets closer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The answers to these questions will help you understand hot air balloon classes:

How High Do Hot Air Balloons Fly?

Hot air balloons can reach very high altitudes. However, most hot air balloon flights cruise between tree top level and 1,000 feet as flying just over the terrain is the most enjoyable. The upper altitudes are used for catching winds in different directions and to experience the views as well.

Is Hot Air Ballooning Safe?

Yes, hot air ballooning is the safest form of aviation. Ground speeds are very low and the balloon system is built with over a 5 to1 safety margin in the structure. That combined with proper flight planning and the flight skills you will learn at Balloon the Rockies, you will be secure and confident in your activities as a hot air balloon pilot. Our instructors prioritize safety above all else.

What Should I Wear For A Hot Air Balloon Lesson?

Wear comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor activities. Layers are recommended, as temperatures can change throughout the morning. One thing to consider is that it is warmer in the balloon than on the ground. This is because the balloon is at one with the wind so there is no relative wind. This also enhances the radiation heat from the sun.

Start Your Hot Air Balloon Adventure Today!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the sheer joy and exhilaration of flying your own hot air balloon. Whether you are interested in becoming a pilot or simply want to embark upon an unforgettable adventure, Balloon the Rockies has the perfect hot air balloon lesson program for you. To book your lesson and take the first step toward soaring to new heights, email or call us now for details and scheduling possibilities.

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