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Aeronaut.com is the virtual home of Balloon the Rockies Hot Air Balloon Training Facility.

We provide many balloon services in addition to the commercial balloon 141 training courses. Located in the World Class Rocky Mountain Destination Resort of Park City, UT, USA, mother nature looks very kindly on us and provides a literal “playground” for ballooning in the summer months. The abundant good ballooning weather and varied mountain terrain are essential for rapid skill development during the accelerated program. Winter (Nov through mid Feb) training is done in the beautiful setting of St George, UT. The desert climate and red rock setting is a literal ballooning oasis during the colder months. Winter storms never seem to get a grip on this protected basin, providing a consistent variety of low speed winds that are optimum for training and practicing.
Flying a balloon means different things to different people. Some envision the adventure of floating over a mountain top in all its splendor, while others see themselves matching wits with others in competition. To many, sharing a tranquil hour in the air with friends with the traditional post flight champagne celebration is the real draw. Whether you plan to take passengers for hire or aspire to enjoy any of the above facets of ballooning, all pilots are held by one common thread…”Love of Ballooning”
Balloon the Rockies’ Chief Instructor Mike Bauwens has taken his 39 years of ballooning experience throughout the world and has provided a curriculum that includes much more than the FAA mandates. Mike, who placed first in the 2000 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, can teach you how to hit that tight landing area, or fly to the middle of a target. The advanced techniques that you will learn at this course will serve to make your “pilot in command” hours a much safer and enjoyable experience in the years to come. For a glimpse into some of the adventures and experiences of the past 39 years take a look into the Photos section of this site.

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